Amrita is a start up family business that specialises in high quality handmade sandals that help grounding.

Inspiration for the Amrita logo, colour palette and contemplementary illustration was the word itself ‘Amrita’ . A word that literally means "immortality" and is often referred to in texts as nectar. "Amrita has elegance, charm and good taste, is naturally kind, very gentle, and lover of beauty, harmony and the pleasures that these bring.
The logo is a combination of feminine organic elegancy and bold strictness. I wanted to create a logo that makes a statement without being too serious. A logo that is pleasant and welcoming, that has a rhythm. 

Amrita to me is a persona. Powerful, spiritual grown up women that appreciates the natural element and love being surrounded by a harmonic and calm luxury. 
The chosen colours to represent the brand are earthy brown colours that inspire security, support and safety. 

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