Hello, my name is Markela Bgiala. I am a graphic artist and designer, currently based in Berlin but originally from Greece. After graduating from the Technical Educational Institute of Athens in 2008, I moved to the Netherlands to complete my Masters degree in Arts at the Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design (MaHKU) in 2011.

I design identity systems and graphics that are passionate, urbanistic and culturally aware. I believe in the power of typography and the ideas that emerged when I put pencil on paper. I illustrate free-hand and strive for a decorative element that expands and develops the surrounding space. My work balances clean aesthetics while avoiding pure minimalism.
I love to draw. A lot. Paper, walls, wood, glass – anything that inspires me. Whether I am creating visual identities for companies or simply for my own pleasure, I find myself through my art. I am pretty confident of my work when you let me do it my way. I love new chalenges and if you have something serious to propose, share or just link up forces just drop me a line.

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